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Some of Our Favorite Client Success Stories

Ash Beckham

Ash came to us asking for a complete overhaul of her signature slide deck. Her slides were plain and tired and she needed a refresh and a serious splash of color. The result was a striking, memorable and compelling slide deck that has helped her land multiple high-paying speaking gigs.
"I cannot recommend Nadine highly enough! Her design brilliance and unmatched ability to communicate concepts in unique and memorable ways is like no one I have ever seen."
Ash Beckham.jpg

Equality Advocate & Top Most Viewed TED Speaker

Sarah Knight

We designed the slide deck for Sarah's now infamous TEDx Talk which has amassed over 4 million views on YouTube. She wrote all about it here.
"My TEDx talk went viral! Sales of my book have gone up week over week since the video went up. I know that Nadine’s work had a lot to do with that. It just looks so professional, high-end, and seamless. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone who needs help with a presentation."

TEDxSpeaker & Author of the International Bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck

D'Anne Rudden, Au.D.

D'Anne reached out to us because she needed custom slides created for a major audiology conference she was speaking at. Anticipating that this conference would be riddled with your typical boring bullet point "doctor presentations", we encouraged D'Anne to take a risk and go with something edgy and colorful. High risk: high impact. D'Anne's talk was THE most talked about presentation at the conference. 
"Nadine is pure MAGIC! I cannot recommend working with her enough.  She elevates my content by infusing creativity and professionalism into visuals that truly make me shine.  If you want to take your presentations to the next level, there's no one better!"
danne rudden 2.jpg

Doctor of Audiology, Board Certified by the American Board of Audiology 

Lori Harder

We designed the slide deck for Lori's TEDx talk. Our mission was to create a beautiful and colorful slide deck that would not only help her tell her story in a compelling way but also reflect her brand and colorful personality. Mission accomplished!
“A huge part of my talk’s success was due to the beautiful visuals Nadine made for me”

Life Coach, Author, TEDxSpeaker

Alexandra Watkins

We helped Alexandra create a new branded library of pitch and training slides for her company Eat My Words. 
"I've been blown away by Nadine's work. She's my go-to person for creating visually stunning and stylish PowerPoint presentations. There is not a PPT designer on the planet who even comes close to making presentations sparkle with such professional polish."

Author of the branding bestseller, Hello, My Name is Awesome

Chip Eichelberger

Before working with us, Chip had never used PowerPoint in his speeches. In fact, he had such a negative perception of PowerPoint that he had promised himself to never bore his audience with a PowerPoint deck ever. That is until we showed him what a GREAT slide deck can look like and what it can do for his talk.
"I needed to move into the digital age with my presentations and Nadine was an amazing guide. I had never used PPT...for the typical reasons and Nadine showed me the right visuals could enhance what I do and be easy at the same time. Many of my audiences are from 250 to 1000 and it has really made a difference."
Chip Eichelberger.jpg

Motivational Sales Expert, Former
Tony Robbins International Point Man    

Robbie Kellman Baxter

With the release of her new book, Robbie wanted to upgrade her presentation deck and step up her consulting business. So she reached out to us for help. We created a bold, interactive slide deck for her that she has since used to land thousands of dollars worth of consulting contracts.
"As a person who does 10-15 paid keynote speeches each year and dozens of other presentations for clients, having great slides is critical. Nadine helped me add emotion and clarity to my story. I would recommend her to anyone who cares about communicating clearly and effectively."

Bestselling Author of The Membership Economy

Erin Weed

Erin Weed is an authentic communication strategist and Founder/CEO of Evoso, where she has worked with hundreds of people and organizations to find epic clarity of their purpose and message. 
We have partnered with Erin for the past 3 years on her annual event, Evoso Live, creating beautiful and cohesive visual aids for all her speakers. 
"Nadine is my go-to designer for all things slides. She works fast, and creatively nails it every time. If you want your story told in a visual way that moves your audience, hire We Are Visual today."

Founder, Evoso

Diana Goodwin

Diana came to us asking for help with the design of a pitch deck she was presenting at a startup competition.
The prize for the best pitch was $100,000. Her pitch won her the $100K grant and allowed her to expand her team and grow her business.

Founder of AquaMobile Swim School

Omar Samra

Omar Samra is an adventurer, mountaineer, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and future astronaut. He is the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest, the 7 Summits and ski to both the Geographic South and North Pole.
Now he travels the world sharing his story and inspiring future generations. Omar came to us because he felt like his uplifting story was at odds with his underwhelming slide deck. He wanted his presentation to be more inspiring, energetic and reflect his brand. So we did a complete overhaul of his slides and gave him a stunning, inspiring slide deck that he has since toured the world with.
"I’ve been very happy with the results and have received great feedback on my slides. Thank you!" 

First Egyptian to climb Everest

Pamela Mitchell

Pamela used to be an entertainment exec (and before that she worked on Wall Street), but in 2003 she turned down the biggest job of her career, said “yes” to her calling, and started a company called The Reinvention Institute. In 2014, she reached out to us for help preparing a slide deck for an important client pitch. She had a bunch of bullet points and a strong, inspired vision and we created one of our all time favorite slide decks for her. A colorful, feminine, diverse and compelling presentation.
"Thank you Nadine and team for your amazing work. I love everything you've done for me." 
P Mitchell headshot - white1.jpg

Founder of the Reinvention Institute

Let's create your next presentation success story

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