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7 Fresh & Original Ways to Display Quotes on Your Slides

The number one reason to quote someone in your presentation is that it reinforces your ideas and adds weight to your argument.

A quote is like a second voice echoing your claims.

Quotes are effective for two reasons:

They offer a concise, memorable phrasing of an idea.

They boost your credibility because they imply that the person you are quoting agrees with you. It’s like having a free expert witness testifying on your behalf.


TIP #1

If you are speaking at a conference, consider quoting an earlier speaker at your event.

TIP #2

Try to find a quote that adds humor to your presentation, either due to the content of the quote or the context in which you use it.

TIP #3

Also, consider foreign proverbs. There are tons of great quotes and proverbs to be pulled from other cultures and countries. If you are running out of fresh ideas and want to avoid overused, tired or cliché quotes, consider exploring foreign proverbs. Chances are your audience has never heard them so you score major points in exchange for your efforts to be original.

For example:

“You'll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind.”

(Irish Proverb)

Or “A man profits more by the sight of an idiot than by the orations of the learned.” (Arabic Proverb)

TIP #4

If you are delivering your talk with visuals, display the quote on a slide and consider including a RELEVANT IMAGE or the photo of the author of the quote.

Here are a few examples of how you can make your quote slides more memorable, powerful and beautiful.

Example 1: Perfect if you're quoting a book author or a sharing a passage from a book.

Example 2: Try finding a picture that embodies the main idea of the quote and use it as a background image.

Example 3: Try to find a "real" picture that showcases the main emotion and/or puts a human face on the words you are sharing.

Example 4: Add some drama by using a dark background and minimalist design.

Example 5: Use a full screen photo of the author of the quote

Example 6: Can't find a high resolution picture of the author to use as a background? Crop it into a circle and add some interesting visual elements to it.

Example 7: Use interesting illustrations to spice up your quotes.

Want more presentation tips like these? Check out my book Slide Therapy.

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