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Which design package is right for me?

Our most popular service is hands down our "Extreme Slide Makeover" design package. It's a service where we take your existing presentation and transform it into a gorgeous, branded, story-driven, visual slide deck. We can either use your existing branding or create a vibrant new visual identity for you. This is also our most affordable service so if you're on a budget and you already have a PowerPoint deck we can work with, this might be the best fit for you. If you are still in the outline/script phase and you do not have any slides created or you need help creating a slide deck from scratch, the best package for you would our "Outline to Outstanding" service. This is the service where we work with you to storyboard your script, craft compelling messaging and create a powerful visual story that will help you deliver your message. This package is perfect for you if you're preparing for a TED talk or a high stakes presentation where you need to make a big impression. If you are a professional speaker, we've got a service package tailored for you. It's called "The Signature Talk" and it is our second most popular service. As part of this service package we will first create a unique story-driven and personality-filled visual identity for you: this is your "Signature Style". We can use your existing branding as a spring board or start completely from scratch (if you're not totally in love with your current branding). After that you will work one-on-one with Nadine to restructure, streamline and re-storyboard your existing slide deck. In the end you will walk away with your "Signature Talk": a visually exciting and consistent library of custom and branded slide layouts that you can pick and choose from to create an infinite number of talks. Nadine will also provide training to show you how to manipulate, edit and update your slides as well as ongoing lifetime support with tech issues as needed. Finally, if your budget doesn't allow you to splurge on a custom deck, we invite you to try our "Custom Template" package and let us customize one of our Slide Bank Templates to match your branding. You'll get access to our robust visual library of 250+ slide layouts as well as our curated collection of 600+ images and our library of 1000+ icons. If your budget does not allow you to splurge on a custom slide deck but you want something more custom than a generic template, this is for you.

What's included in your service packages?

All design projects are delivered in editable PowerPoint format along with all the stock photography, iconography, graphic assets and fonts used to create your designs. Your final file folder will contain all these files neatly organized and properly labeled for your convenience.

Unless otherwise specified in your agreement, each project includes a standard 3 rounds of revisions. Additional revisions are billed at an hourly rate of $450 and require a change order.

Unless specified in your proposal, projects do not include video editing or complex photo editing. We will be happy to provide these services for an additional fee which will be outlined in a change order form.

What can I expect in terms of turnaround times?

We strive to turn projects around quickly but we also believe that great work cannot be rushed which is why we require our clients to provide us with enough lead time to do our best work.

If our workload allows it we will be happy to accelerate our process upon request (and in exchange for a small rush fee). Otherwise our delivery times are as follows:

The Proof Of Concept (POC) is delivered 2-3 business days from kickoff call.

First drafts are delivered 3- 5 business days from time of POC approval (depending on size of project).

Revisions are completed within 1-3 business days from request (depending on volume and nature of edits requested).

PLEASE NOTE: Estimated project completion times do not account for extended approval times required by our clients aka you ;) So the sooner you can get edits back to us, the sooner we can get you wrapped up and on your way!

What about payment?

We do require a 50% deposit to kickoff your project. Your final payment invoice is due upon approval of final files, prior to delivery. You can conveniently make payments online via debit or credit card or using your PayPal account. If your company requires us to be approved as a vendor, we will be happy to complete the vendor registration process provided your project fee exceeds the $5,000 limit. We're open to invoice payment terms up to but not exceeding NET 30.

Do you work face to face or remotely?

Thanks to email, Dropbox and virtual meeting rooms, we work 100% remotely! In fact, we've been working with some of our clients for years without ever meeting them in person. We are flexible enough to work with clients in several timezones. Though we are officially based in Los Angeles, CA, our team and founder work remotely from several global locations.

Do you only work with PowerPoint? How about Keynote or Google Slides?

PowerPoint, all the way! We're good at one thing and we do it really really well: designing amazing presentations in PowerPoint. We'd rather be experts at one thing than amateurs at many things which is why we choose to stay in our lane and only use PowerPoint as our preferred slideware. If you're a Keynote or Google Slides user, don't forget you can easily convert your PowerPoint file into your prefered format... Just saying!

Will I get an editable version of my PowerPoint file?

Absolutely! Unlike a lot of graphic design agencies where your slides are created in fancy design software like InDesign and Photoshop and then imported into PowerPoint (which results in beautiful but completely uneditable and thus useless slides), all of our slide decks are created inside PowerPoint and are 100% gorgeous and 100% fully editable in PowerPoint.

Can you guarantee that I'll get a return on my investment?

Nope! But we can guarantee you this: if your slides are confusing, ugly or both, you're probably losing money in the form of lost sales, lost opportunities or lost people who have no idea what the heck you're trying to sell them.

Some have tried to quantify the actual cost of bad presentations on company productivity and lost opportunities. Apparently, it's in the billions. Here is what I know from experience: poorly designed slides distract audiences, reflect badly on your brand and compromise the clarity and persuasiveness of your message. A bad presentation can cost you a sale, an investor, sometimes even your reputation.

So, although we legally cannot guarantee any financial gains from working with us (duh!), we do have a solid and proven track record of helping our clients increase their sales, win funding and book big paid speaking gigs and not a single one of them regrets their investment with us :)

Who are your typical clients?

  • Marketing managers and directors who oversee corporate communications.

  • Professional speakers who use PowerPoint presentations to deliver keynotes and workshops.

  • Sales professionals who craft and deliver sales pitches using PowerPoint presentations.

  • Bootstrapping startups and founders who need to build a killer investor pitch to secure funding.

  • Entrepreneurs who speak at conferences and want to stand out and be unique.

  • Advertisers, designers and agencies who need to "sell" their work and ideas to clients.

We already have an in-house design team? Can you help me convince my boss/team to use you?

Most definitely! Here's the deal, your in-house design team might be great at creating all sorts of branded graphics and marketing collateral for you but presentations are a different animal. Presentation design requires a completely different set of skills that typical graphic designers don't always have. We are presentation experts which means we will do more than just make your slides "look pretty", we will also:

  • Help you refine, streamline and strengthen your messaging and your story
  • Offer a fresh perspective and new pair of eyes on your content to help you fight the curse of knowledge and make sure your content resonates and strikes the right chords with your intended audience
  • Create a fully editable PowerPoint file that you can tweak and customize (as opposed to Photoshop files typically provided by yout in-house team)
  • Use a variety of techniques to eliminate ineffective bullet points and turn your slides into visual stories
  • Use advanced PowerPoint features to create unique animations and custom visuals


Our Pricing

Below is a breakdown of how we price our services. Please note these are only estimates based on a typical project scope. Our pricing may vary depending on a number of factors outlined here. If you have any specific pricing questions that are not answered on this page, please do not hesitate to email us at info[at]wearevisual.com

Max Slides

















Turnaround Time:

5-10 Business Days

Need it sooner? No problem! For a 20% rush fee, we'll move your project up to the front of the line.


Extreme Slide Makeover



Outline to Outstanding












Max Slides






Talk Time

18-20 Min

30-45 Min

~60 Min

~90 Min

120+ Min

Turnaround Time:

10-20 Business Days

Need it sooner? No problem! For a 25% rush fee, we'll move your project up to the front of the line.

250-Slide/Layout Template Customized to Your Branding


600+ Photo Library


1000 Icon Library


How-To Video Library

Turnaround Time:

3-7 Business Days



Custom Template

Small Biz License: $2,500

Enterprise License: $4,500



The Signature Talk

Flat Fee: $5,000

Custom Modular Deck
(Up to 50 Slides) 


Custom PDF Handout
(Up to 5 Pages)


Custom Visual Identity
& Style Guide


Photo + Icon Library

Turnaround Time:

10-20 Business Days


FAQ's: Factors that Affect Your Quote

The information below is intended to explain to you why your cost may be higher than expected and /or what you could do to manage cost for this or future projects.


The number of slides we start with will always be inferior to the number of slides we end up with on our final redesigned deck.
Here’s why: once we redesign and re-storyboard your slides, content that used to fit on one (dense) slide will end up laid out over multiple slides, giving each piece of information more real estate and giving your deck an overall cleaner, airier look and feel.
However, we do not bill you based on the number of original slides or the number of resulting slides.
We bill you based on the amount of content we are working with and the nature of that content (i.e. complex technical information, custom icons created to visualize content, number and complexity of graphs and diagrams, number of custom layouts created, etc.)

Approvals & Revisions

The number of people involved in the approval process impacts the amount of revisions needed to finalize the project.
Put simply, the more people are involved in the approval process, the more edits we will be making.
The rounds of revisions also increase the total work and time spent on your project so this will increase your final cost beyond our provisional estimate. All of our standard projects include 3 rounds of revisions and additional revisions are either anticipated and included in the original cost estimate or they are billed separately at an hourly rate of $450.
Bottom line: in order to keep costs reduced, we suggest that you be clear in advance about specifications and requirements. This will help us reduce the back and forth steps in the approval process and keep things running smoothly and on budget!

Content Usability

The more upfront work you can do demystify complex content for us, the less time we need to spend predigesting it and the faster we can get work on simplifying and visualizing concepts.
Obviously, we are happy to help you do this work and will do our research and devote time on our project kickoff call to go over your content with you and make sure that we fully understand all the technicalities of your topic before we get started.
Bottom line: the more upfront work you would like to do in helping us understand your topic the more you can keep costs down.
Also, if you come to us with no content at all or content that is in Word format instead of PowerPoint, we will account for this in our initial proposal and devote the necessary hours to get that content storyboarded.

Tight Deadlines

Need the work done, like, yesterday? No problem!
We will do our best to move at supersonic speed and get your project done fast and well.
This means we will put in nights and weekends if we have to. However, it could also mean added costs for you.
One way to reduce cost is to try to plan ahead of time and give us a minimum lead time of 2 weeks to complete work.
Projects completed in less than 10 business days are considered rush projects and priced accordingly.

Advanced Animations

Animations are the more sophisticated and time consuming parts of the project. Turning your static deck into something that moves seamlessly and fluidly requires additional time to implement, test and edit.
The more interactivity and animations you would like to include, the higher the cost.

Video Embeds

Video embeds in PowerPoint may require us to format, convert or otherwise compress your video files in order to maximize compatibility, minimize file size and ensure that all multimedia runs smoothly.
Depending on the amount of videos you are embedding and the amount of editing required, this may come at an additional cost.

Excel Graph Embeds & Data Viz

Excel embeds in PowerPoint may require us to format, recolor or otherwise redesign your graphs in order to make them consistent with the new look and feel of your slides.
Depending on the amount of graphs, charts and data visualization your project includes and the amount of editing required, this may come at an additional cost.
Katica Roy.jpg

Nadine is remarkable.  Her ability to take the written word and convert it into compelling and easily understandable visuals is unparalleled. 

Katica Roy,
CEO, Pipeline Equity
Alexandra Watkins.png

There is not a presentation designer on the planet who even comes close to making presentations sparkle with such professional polish.

Alexandra Watkins,
Author of the branding bestseller, Hello, My Name is Awesome

Nadine helped me add emotion and clarity to my story. I'd recommend her to anyone who cares about communicating clearly and effectively.

Robbie Kellman Baxter,
Bestselling Author of The Membership Economy