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Find out why our clients call us "Visionary Creatives"
& "Design Superstars"

"If your bad slides have become a liability, we'll help you turn them into your biggest asset"

― Nadine Hanafi, Founder

We Are Visual is not your typical design agency.
We are best known for our irreverently colorful, human-centered, and energetic designs. Not only do we do (awesome) design work but we also share our process and techniques quite generously through virtual workshops with our clients.
We help brands bring their ideas and stories to life through vibrant and visual presentations.
We like to think of ourselves as creative alchemists who transform confusing, unfocused and ordinary content into beautifully simple, sharp and polished presentations.
With our focus on cognitive science and purposeful aesthetics, we bring a new perspective to the presentation design industry.
We believe that the future of presentations is not canned or corporate. It’s not minimalistic or sober. It’s colorful and vivacious. It’s unique and original. It’s daring and eye-catching.

Woman Owned, Globally Run

We Are Visual Voted Top 100 US Company Run By an Entrepreneur Under 35 & Awarded at the United Nations 

Empact Showcase 2014,New York City

Empact Showcase Badge.png
We're an award-winning, globally run and woman-owned company.
We believe bad presentations are cruel and unusual punishment for the people who have to sit through them. We believe hardworking people with brilliant ideas shouldn't let a poor presentation dim their glow. We believe that few things can accelerate an idea or boost a career like a truly great presentation.
We envision a world free of bad presentations and strive to empower you with the support, tools and advice to help you become a better visual communicator.
Our designs are unique and colorful, fully customized to your brand personality and style.
Our designs are edgy and energetic. Never canned or "corporate".
Katica Roy.jpg

Nadine is remarkable.  Her ability to take the written word and convert it into compelling and easily understandable visuals is unparalleled. 

Katica Roy,
CEO, Pipeline Equity
Alexandra Watkins.png

There is not a presentation designer on the planet who even comes close to making presentations sparkle with such professional polish.

Alexandra Watkins,
Author of the branding bestseller, Hello, My Name is Awesome

Nadine helped me add emotion and clarity to my story. I'd recommend her to anyone who cares about communicating clearly and effectively.

Robbie Kellman Baxter,
Bestselling Author of The Membership Economy

About The Founder

In a world where PowerPoint is a synonym for boring, Nadine Hanafi made a name for herself by crafting unique and original presentations that have help her clients secure million-dollar contracts, 5X their sales and get millions of views on their TED talks.
Since 2013, Nadine and her team have designed more than 20,000 PowerPoint slides for hundreds of clients ranging from C-Suite Executives at Fortune 100 companies to TED speakers, best-selling authors, marketing teams, non-profit organizations and tech startups. In just 5 years, Nadine has become one of the most in-demand experts in the presentation field.

The Story Behind the Name

A long time ago, when cavemen roamed the earth and humans were not at the top of the food chain, our ability to quickly analyze our surroundings and identify threats was an evolutionary advantage.
Our ancestors were survivors and that’s why we are here.
And it’s our ancestor’s ability to analyze their surroundings and quickly identify patterns and signals that allowed them to survive and thrive. If we were not able to recognize patterns, we would be lunch. Our brains process visual information incredibly efficiently. It’s in our DNA. Our survival depended on it. And now our ability to successfully communicate our ideas depends on it.
And that’s why We Are Visual.

Our Clients

Some of the world’s most respected brands trust us with their slides. Small businesses, professional speakers, startups and nonprofits love us too! 

“Nadine Hanafi is empowering people to become  visual  leaders & thinkers"

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